Owncloud - transfers over local network

Hi. Got Owncloud 9.01 working on a Raspberry Pi 2 and with DDNS and my own domain name. Everything works fine. I mainly use Owncloud as a backup with Duplicati and CarotDAV. Just wondered if there's a way at home to make these 2 programs use my local network instead of sending everything over the net. Thanks .....

Edit - I've added my local IP to trusted domains in config.php and its working now.

I'm interested in your backup setup. Could you provide more info? Thanks.

Please note: https://owncloud.org/faq/#backup

Hmm yea, would also be interested to find out more about your backup setup.

Yes I know owncloud isn't a backup solution as such, but I don't use the owncloud client, just duplicati, carotdav and access through the web interface if needed.

I setup Owncloud on a Raspberry Pi 2 as detailed here.
A really good and clear guide on setting up Owncloud and how to use an external hard drive for the storage.
I have set it up so I can locally backup using a local IP address eg, and also use dynamic DNS so I can access from anywhere on the net using the Owncloud web interface or CarotDAV.
For the local backups I use Duplicati,

Happy to give further info if required.

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I wasn't knocking your procedure for backup, but I am familiar with the advice stating not to consider owncloud a backup utility. I do not use Owncloud for backup, but I am sorta interested in looking at a way to do it.

I currently have a 3TB seagate goflex home NAS that I use for backups of PCs and my Owncloud server data/config/DB.

What I am interested in is backing up files on my laptop remotely to NAS which has SFTP capabilty, however the security protocol?? is out of date and newer SFTP protocol are not compatible with it. I have mapped the NAS as a network location on the server so that is a workaround if I wanted to go that route. At this point I am just rambling on, however I could just SSH, or SFTP to server and copy to network share I guess. I have looked at "Easeus ToDo backup free" at one point but I believe it is/was limited on storage locations.

I believe that in the traditional sense it is not intended to be a backup setup. However, the OP states he is not using the desktop sync utility. So in essense, his setup is exactly that, a backup location for his files. Now, as with any backup you should have files stored in 3 locations. One of which should not be connected to the network/computer full-time.

I consider my owncloud a sort of backup, as all files located there are backed up remotely from my laptop, and also from my OC server to a NAS. I keep 3 months of backups of all data/config/DB.

So i get why you use Duplicati. I don't get the CarotDAV. Why do you need CarotDAV if OC includes WebDAV access?

A little background - I am a welding inspector with no proper guidance or training in network/server administration. I was lucky getting my webserver up and running 3-4 years ago and haven't broke it too bad since it's inception. I use it for file sharing, calendar/contact/task mgmt.

I use CarotDAV as its a nice portable easy to use bit of software. I've got it setup with connect icons to my Owncloud users so that, if for instance I want to copy a folder of pics or music to my daughters Owncloud account, I just connect with Carot DAV drag the folder over and its done.