ownCloud users vs. UCS users....and creating users who can access ownCloud

Greetings from a newbie here. I apologize if this is in the wrong place but after much searching without finding a related topic it seemed like the place to be.

I have setup the latest version of ownCloud X using the appliance model, running in virtualbox on a Windows 10 Pro host. I followed the setup guides and chose all defaults to get this up and running as simply as possible. Once the UCS portion was completed the setup guide instructs me to create users within UCS and then to launch the ownCloud client and log in using those user credentials. I have been unsuccessful in attempting this.

I can login into the UCS environment using the administrator account as well as the user accounts I have created. When I launch ownCloud either via the Windows client or via web browser or from within UCS (web browser) none of the user accounts or administrator account can log in. All get an “invalid password” response. In the documentation I saw that there was also a default ownCloud account, “owncloud/owncloud”. I am able to log into ownCloud using that account. Once in ownCloud if I click on the “Users” link under settings I get an internal server error where it looks like it is trying to reach IP address ( Not in my IP space.

This is puzzling since the documentation seems to indicate users setup within the UCS “Users” would be able to access ownCloud and also that the owncloud default is not even in that list. If the user groups are truly 2 separate things, that is fine but how do I setup the actual ownCloud users? Thanks for any guidance you can give!

Solved! I checked the LDAP settings in UCS and discovered that the IP address for the server did not match the ownCloud IP address. Apparently the first time I launched it the IP address was .103 and now it is .110 but LDAP did not update. I updated the .103 entries to .110 and users can log in now. Cheers!