Owncloud videoplayer works but not for shared folder

Hello there!

I installed the videoplayer into my owncloud server. It works just fine, but when my friend tries to watch a movie that i put in a shared folder it doesnt work, but he is able to download it. I gave everyone permission to write change and read the shared folder.

And also Is there a way to play avi en mkv files ? Think it has to do with the browser and not the server.

Thanks in forward!


Glad to hear that you are using ownCloud and are happy with it.

In order to be able to help you, basic information about your installation of ownCloud is necessary.

Like ownCloud version, list of activated apps, the browser your friends are accessing the shares, your server log, stuff like this.

Did you share it with an user or via public link?

Hello there! I Will upload the config.

Im using the github videoplayer and installed into the map videoplayer of owncloud. The videoplayer itself works just fine. But it comes with an error due to it comes off github. With the intergity check disabled i remover the error.

I also upload a screen of the shared folder.

Thanks for your help!

congig.txt (66.6 KB)