Owncloud WAN access

I’m looking for a simple describtion of how to make my OwnCloud server accessible from the internet.
I installed Virtualbox and loaded up the OVA image.
The server is up and running but I need to access it from the internet and the mobile app.

On the same host machine I have a Plex mediaserver running, and to make that accessible from outside is just a matter of opening up the relevant port in my router. It seems to be more complicated with OwnCloud… What to do?

Check how to set the virtual machine with a bridged network, that way you can access to the virtual machine (ownCloud in your case) from the outside. Your VM should get an IP address as if it’s a new computer in the host’s network

Thank you for your answer.
The network adapter for the virtual machine is set to “bridged”, and the VM gets an IP.
I forward ports 8080 and 443 to the VM but still can’t acces OwnCloud when I try using my external IP.
Is there anything else I have to do?

I don’t know if you can’t connect to the server due to some networking problem or you can connect but the server shows an error page… could you clarify?