Owncloud with two admin accounts

hi, first time here, and first time using owncloud installed on arch.

i canot find on google but is it possible to have/create two accounts on same server with two different databases. so far i asssume not possible but i need to ask.

I really did not understand your question, why you need two different databases for two users? IMHO, you can install two different oc instance for each user or you can store them in one instance and one db. If you share your purpose with us, we can help better. By the way, you can have two admin account in an instance.

never mind i figure out

hi sorry for late replay my account was suspended for some reason, i posted this message before your replay.

yes i figure out that i can use two instances its even better.

i have two related companies, and i need two separated databases. but with two instances everithing is solved.

and thanks for replay

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: