Parallel share over samba and owncloud oC 10.0.2

Aim to reach

to have the directory /data/owncloud/<user>/files accessable via samba as well


a linux system with a fresh debian stretch
a owncloud installation with the data root in /data/owncloud/
a samba share pointing to /data/owncloud/<user>/files


  1. rights on /data/owncloud is set from time to time to 770 so samba returns that it has no right to access the dir
  2. files and directorys created via samba are not shown in owncloud
  3. files and directorys created via owncloud are not editable via samba

how to fix these problems?

Use the files_external app to set up a SMB mount.

Modifying files insde the data folder is NOT supported. This includes adding, removing, editing, renaming, moving and any other operation over the files or folders

I haven't find an app named files_external. I tryed to install External Storage: Windows Network Drives cause it's mentions samba in the description but when i click install it says "No marketplace connection". Other apps can be installed without any problems.

Is the Enterprise Version needed for it's use (my first guess cause of the license)?

Windows Network Drive is for enterprise. You have SMB/CIFS which is similar for free.

Go to the settings page and from there to the "storages" section (in the admin part). You might need to enable files_external from there (the app itself is installed and available by default in all installations).
Once you have it enabled, you'll need to choose the SMB/CIFS storage and fill the configuration.

The way to the solution was to use external files and mount the shares which i created on the same machine.

Thank you for helping.