Php version not compatible

Hello I followed some instructions to get owncloud working on ubuntu but i run into this: “This version of ownCloud is not compatible with PHP 8.0
You are currently running PHP 8.1.2.”
Can someone please help

Have you considered installing PHP 7.4?

Will have a look thanks

still getting same error. can anyone help

What instructions did you follow? Do you have link to them you can share?

How did you install ownCloud? Did you use a deb package or tarball?

I followed these guides:

Owncloud: How to Install ownCloud on Ubuntu Linux with Apache - Website for Students


owncloud 10.9.1 currently requires php-7.4 – (same will be true for the upcoming 10.10.0 release)

PHP 7.4 is still community supported, including security fixes.
My personal recommendation currently is to use either
a) Ubuntu 22.04 with ppa:/ondrej/php which brings you the latest php-7.4.29 with not only security, but also bugfixes.
b) Ubuntu 20.04 with php version 7.4.3-ubuntu2.10 which contains all known security fixes also present in 7.4.29
c) Or any other distribution which has their php at 7.4.x and applies security patches.

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ok thanks for your reply

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