Port (80 ans 443) can't be foward by ISP

Hi, I'm new to this forum and also to Owncloud. I have a raspberry pi that I want to turn into a Cloud, but I have a ISP that block the port 80/443. I just want to know step by step (and with all file location because I'm pretty new to linux to) how to change the port that Owncloud is using 'cause I can connect to my Owncloud only in local network.
I've seen many website but no one solve my problem

See e.g. [1] or any other how-to on how to change the port on your webserver. As this is nothing ownCloud specific and heavily depends on your used webserver and environment only generic hints like the faq below can be given here.

I tried that but I'm totaly lost of what I'm suppose to do exacty..
And 2 or 3 file location is missing

Unfortunately its really not possible to give you specific instructions for the reasons already explained above.

But you might have better luck if you ask for support in a forums / community dedicated to your used webserver. Such communities are more familiar with your webserver and might point you into the correct direction.

Exemple on a apache2 forum?

If you use apache then yes, one of the resources like:


should fit. You can still hope that some one in here is answering you but then you might need to be way more detailed with the issues you're facing.

An other problem is that I use Debian os and not ubuntu -.-... ahah