Possible? Owncloud updating underlying Files

Hi Everyone,

i use Owncloud on a hosted Root Server with Debian.

Is it possible to move files into a specified data directory of one User i.e. "upload" and update the directories to show this files as owncloud uploaded files?

In a test i uploaded a directory with 3 files, it didnt show as expected. But if create a directory with the specified name, an error occurs "exists" and the Directory uploaded from outside before is shown.

I got automatic uploaded and created files and just want to get them into the view of OwnCloud.

Any Idea?

Thanks much! Stefan

It is possible but not recommended. You do need to run an occ file scan to have the files show up.
If you put them there by using WebDAV or the sync client they will show up right away.

Hi Hodyroff,

i've found the way occ works.
Just wanted to say thanks to you!


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