Problem to restore own cloud

Good morning guys,

I reinstalled owncloud, previously I backed up the data folder and database, once reinstalled, when I log in with the user I get this message:

Blockquote Errore Error while trying to create admin user: An exception occurred while executing ‘CREATE TABLE oc_appconfig (appid VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL, configkey VARCHAR(64) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL, configvalue LONGTEXT DEFAULT NULL, INDEX appconfig_config_key_index (configkey), INDEX appconfig_appid_key (appid), PRIMARY KEY(appid, configkey)) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin ENGINE = InnoDB’: SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table ‘oc_appconfig’ already exists

I restored the database via a graphical interface from phpmyadmin, how can I solve this problem?


well the error is quite straightforward, the table oc_appconfig exists.
It lacks a lot of information here, did you restore a SQL dump ? Did you drop the database first ?
Please give use all the informations, we don’t know what you did and can’t/don’t want to guess it all.
I know the template might not be useful in this case, but the ownCloud version, what was the reinstallation process etc … is mandatory here.


Hi, as I said before, I performed both the backup and the recovery from the graphical interface (via phpmyadmin) the version of owncloud is the

When I backed up the database under: Object creation options I selected: Add the DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS statement
Add the CREATE TABLE statement
IF NOT EXISTS (less efficient because the indexes are generated during the creation of the table)


maybe the following documentation on how to backup:

and how to restore the database correctly could help?

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I restored the database from the GUI myip / phpmyadmin


maybe this is the problem then? I think it could be possible that the GUI / phpmyadmin way is doing something different which is causing this problem. :confused:

Giving the commands of the guide:

root @ raspberrypi: / var / www / owncloud # sudo mysql -h 192.168.1.xx -u gianluca -pxxx owncloud <owncloud-dbbackup.bak
bash: owncloud-dbbackup.bak: File or directory does not exist


well the error of your shell command is quite straightforward, did you check that the file was around ?

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I have reinserted the data folder with the usual command, the db (as already mentioned) from the phpmydmin graphical interface, from the terminal if I enter the data folder and in the user I see all the files present

I meant the SQL dump … since it’s basically what the error was pointing out.

Excuse me, I misunderstood, how can I check it?