Problem with opening images

Hi All,

I have problem with opening images, i alredy have installed the gallery app, but i have this error:
“could not generate a preview of this file owncloud”, and i have only black screen with this errors!

Do you have encryption?

Hi Dmitry,

We don’t use encryption.


Okay, some information about your system would be great to help you

I was use owncloud 9.1.8 version, with sqlite as a db. its running on hosting not vps

When was the problem detected?

after update of owncloud from version 9.1.4 to 9.1.8, then the galery not working

9.1 is out of Life = not loger supported.

Please update to 10

9.1 2016-07-21 2018-02 9.1.8 (2018-03-14) End of Life

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The image gallery does not show the images in my owndcloud

The new files_mediaviewer app doesn’t have a gallery feature. Reinstall the gallery app and check the release notes:

Edit: I just noticed this thread is 1.5 years old, about an ownCloud version that was back then already EOL. Please don’t revive these super old threads. — closed

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