Problem with owncloud user list

Hey, i have problem with user list…
When i click menu users, then not open…
i use OwnCloud version 10.0.10
I take a pic:

More information is needed here.

What have you done to get to this status. our configuration and so on. Please fill out the template or describe with as many details as possible

I take clean install, but i use previous database.
All looks like works, but user dont show.
When i I click on separate groups, then looks like works…
But general list not work…
NB: i change OC data folder name!
I use ubuntu server 16.04, apache 2.4.37, mysql 14.14, PHP 7.2.13


maybe your servers logfiles, the owncloud.log or your browser error console gives you some hints on whats wrong here.

Then it’s NOT a clean install.

Is there a solution to this problem?
Log not showing any error…

That’s hard to imagine…

Refusing to supply requested info makes it impossible for others to help you.
Thus my support ends here. Sorry.

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clean db. drop the old one, create a new one.

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Then all settings was reset. Sahring etc. This is not solution for me.

Well, then I doubt that anyone can help you here.

You started something and did something wrong. Where exactly during your upgrade process was the error which is causing trouble now - could take a lot of time and effort to figure out.

Did you read the documentation before upgrading?

You renamed the data folder, did you follow the process in the documentation on moving you data folder?

did you create a backup like it’s recommended before upgrading?

Did you restore your data correctly?

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I have exactly the same problem, and I don’t know from how long exactly.
Other thing, I can’t assign group or user to an external storage, “loading failed” appear on click.
Any idea ?
Thanks a lot for your help.
Debian 9
Owncloud 10.6
MariaDB 10.1.47

Found the solution
After database conversion to utf8mb4, all working fine.