Problem with passman app

I have a little big problem, i upgrade to the last version of Owncloud, i disabled passman with:
sudo -u www-data php occ app:disable passman
Then i can do an upgrade of Owncloud, but i cannot not access to passman, i think it’s not compatible with the last version of Owncloud?
I need to access passman because all my data are inside. How can i do it?

Thanks for support.

Two options:

  1. In apps/passman/appinfo/info.xml, try to just set to “10”. This is necessary because of the ownCloud server’s switch to SemVer. unfortunately, Passman wasn’t rereleased for compability with SemVer (and therefore with ownCloud 10.1 and above).
  2. If that doesn’t work, load your old backup and stay on 10.0.10, until Passman is rereleased; or export your passwords and use a different password manager. This article recommends KeepassXC with sync clients enabled as an alternative to the Passman app.

Does this help you?


Hello lefherz,

in file info.xml what must i change more precisely, because there are lot informations on this file.
I want to stay on passman because i love this app :slight_smile:
How can i return to the previous version of Owncloud then i activate passman.

Thanks for you reply.

I tried that, without any success. Passman is ignored by ownCloud, it doesn’t load the app.

dont understand why passman is ignored by owncloud ? why there is not a new version of passman for work with the last version of Owncloud. I’m now blocked, i lost all my data password…
Support of Owncloud can help me please? thanks.

@alfredb i find a solution with the last version of owncloud :

1. Deleted or move the signature.json out of /var/www/owncloud/apps/passman/appinfo

2. Modify /var/www/owncloud/apps/passman/appinfo/info.xml  .... Change line 43 Max=10.0 to max= (last version of owncloud for me)

3. restarted apache

4. enable the app in settings - apps - disabled apps. --> 
sudo -u www-data php occ:enable passman
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You asked, thus I tried to get is installed here. But honestly, I’m not interested in that unmaintained app, as I’m using KeePassXC.


from what i know the passman app is an app provided by an community contributor and it seems to me that contributor just hasn’t updated it yet. I think this can always happen for apps not provided by ownCloud.

Maybe you can ask the app author for more information?