Problem with preview pdf in details greater then 150x150

Problem with showing the image / thumbnails .pdf in the form like png, jpg in the details section

In config.php the preview parameters are set and they work fine for png and jpg files. For pdf type it generates thumbnails correctly, but always in the size of 150x150 and does not accept parameters from the config file. Below are snapshots.

Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that configuration options. Unfortunately, I don’t have any solution for your issue.


i think it could help if you could provide at least the installed ownCloud version.

I think I have the current version. Does it make sense to check with a beta or other version?

versionstring 10.8.0
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You can check on your own cloud, do you have a similar effect with pdf and png / jpg?

I did already. I couldn’t create any larger preview images from PDF files. But I’ll stop here, I don’t have the time for diving deeper.

You must start imagemagick on your server or use onlyoffice to convert pdf

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