Problem with restore old users Pi hdd storage


I had to reinstall OS ( Bullseye ) on my RSP and I can’t restore old users from the local storage mounted /media/ownclouddrive/. I installed OwnCloud from pimylifeup com/raspberry-pi-owncloud/ and when I’m in admin account don’t see old users but they are with all the content if I look in the storage hdd. How can I resolve this problem.?


Did you restore the mysql database?

I didn’t back-up the database because I had an error on it… this is one of the reasons why I had to reinstall the OS. The db it’s new, only with the admin account but in the externall drive I have all the user accounts.

Except you don’t have the user accounts. You only have their files. The accounts were stored in the database.

You may be able to make replacement users and add their previous files to their storage, but without the database, the old users are gone.

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It means that I should copy all files from all names, delete all the names existing in storage, write in db all names again and copy the files back?! I have a lot of personal and important files for a few users and I’m a little afraid to “ play “ with them but I have to try.

Whoa! I didn’t indicate that you should delete anything.

That is good. It is critical that you have at least one spare copy of your file data. You will probably need to seek out some personalized support at a detailed level that I am not going to be able to provide for you.

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ok, thank you very much!

How many users are affected?

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5 users but they have personal photos and stuff like that

Here is what I would do in a similar situation.

  • Verify the storage location in the user’s panel.
  • Enable set password for new users.

Then, for each user:

  • Rename the user directory on the HDD to something like user_tmp.
  • Create a new user account with the original username and a useful password.
  • Delete the new user directory created by ownCloud.
  • Rename the directory user_tmp to the name of the newly created user.

After finishing, you hopefully can contact your buddies and give them the new password for accessing their stuff. Of course, you lost the avatars (possibly) and e-mail addresses, but this is the cost of not having a backup.


thank you! I solved the problem with your solution. was not so complicated. thank you again!


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