Problem with showing the /IP/owncloud to finalyse the installation

I destroyed my old owncloud installation so i thought i could purge: apache* php* owncloud* mysql* to make a clean cut and start from the beginning.
I also rm -rf "/var/www/owncloud" and "/etc/apache2"

i am runing ubunto 16.04.1 LTS

I ainstalled the owncloud package today:
apt-cache show owncloud
Package: owncloud
Version: 9.1.2-1.1

during the installation an error came up that an owncloud config file is not available. I googled a bit and it looks like this is about /etc/apache2/conf-available/owncloud.conf in my case there is a file owncloud.conf.distrib.

I would expect that i can simply open "http:///owncloud" or https and i could move on with the installation but the browser is showing:

https: website not found

I am not a master of Linux so please be forgiving with me :wink: