Problems restoring database


I am trying to upgrade from version 5 to 8 and I had a problem during one of the upgrades and I would like to start from 0, for which I have to restore database. I followed the instructions and run this

rm data/owncloud.db
sqlite3 data/owncloud.db < owncloud-dbbackup.bak

I could remove the database but when I run the second line, I get an error saying "command not found". In putty.

I am stuck here, would appreciate any help


You need to install the sqlite3 command line tool. How this can be done highly depends on your used linux distro but if you're familiar with your package manger you should find that tool in there.

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Putty is saying you are a Windows user with ssh access to the server. But you don't say anything about the used server operating system. :slight_smile: