Problems viewing pdf files in android and desktop


Apologies if I have posted in the wrong section but I could not find a section that covered the issue we have started having.

We use Owncloud to supply the correct drawing files to our workshop floor for the projects that they are working on.

We create a document in excel that has a list of hyperlinks to a folder on our webserver containing the drawings they need to build a project, we then export this to pdf and share it in the project folder on owncloud.

The guys on the shop floor can view this list of drawings pdf on their android tablets and tap the link which opens up the correct drawing in chrome for them to do their work, and it works a treat, until last Friday that is.

Suddenly this has stopped working, on android when a link is tapped in the list pdf a window briefly opens and then closes with the error 'cannot display pdf) on a desktop it opens a chrome window but does not load the pdf.

The problem only exists in the owncloud environment, if the pdf is opened locally on a desktop everything works as it should, on a tablet pasting the link into a browser window works, this happens on all users tablets and all the desktops we have tried it on.

I’d be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions regarding this as we had a very good system of releasing the correct drawings to the workshop but it has completely ceased to function overnight and we are certain that we havent changed anything. I have raised support tickets with our web host but they cannot find anything wrong their end and suggested we ask here.

Thank you
Vic Powles

Hi Vic,
Do I get this right, the PDF Viewing function has stopped working for you from within ownCloud? And that at the same time for all clients except desktop sync clients.

Can you provide a config report?

Something must have changed, and we have to figure out what in order to be able to help you.
Can you see anything that might be helpful in the error logs?
Can you reproduce the issue in a fresh installation of ownCloud?