Problems with ldap and owncloud synchronization

problems with synchronization. partially does not work.
new users created in the univention directory are created in owncloud.
users deleted from the univention user directory are not removed from owncloud. also when changing the name in univention in owncloud the old name does not change.

mdb_equality_candidates (owncloudenabled) not indexed

hello, no ideas?
thank you

Hi there,
By default, there is a cronjob in the appliance that automatically resyncs all LDAP users every 10 minutes.
So can you confirm that the problem still persists after 10 minutes of waiting?

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yes =(
cronjob is work ( cron.php)

The user sync cron job is an additional cron job inside the docker container, which is independent of the cron.php cronjob.

I just noticed that by default the installed cron job only disables no longer existing ldap users in ownCloud. Probably because the default behavior when removing a user is to automatically remove all their files.

So you have a few options now:

  1. Edit the cronjob directly, by logging in via SSH to the appliance, docker exec into the container and edit the file /etc/cron.d/sync, where you replace disable with remove. This has the downside, that when the container gets updated the cronjob will be replaced with the default cron job again.
  2. You install the following cronjob on the Appliance server (docker host) with the command crontab -e while logged in as root: */10 * * * * univention-app shell owncloud occ user:sync -m remove 'OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy' This has the advantage that this should also work after an ownCloud upgrade.
  3. You manually run the command univention-app shell owncloud occ user:sync -m remove 'OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy' whenever you actually want to remove users in ownCloud (and all their files) that have been removed from the LDAP backend.
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univention-app shell owncloud occ user: sync -m remove ‘OCA \ User_LDAP \ User_Proxy’
it worked! thank! what about username matching? univention allows you to change the username, but in owncloud it remains old. Can I synchronize the names somehow?

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Not sure about that, perhaps @dmitry has an idea?

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