Problems with public link

When you want to share a folder using an public link and there is already a shared folder with the same name, the public link configuration edits the other folder.
When opening the ‘Shared by link’ window you see the two folders, but when clicking the second folder, the details view shows the details of the first folder. Clicking around even causes the second folder to disappear.
Changing the foldername, fixes the issue.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

you have already found a solution for your problem " i mean renaming " but i have just tried to reproduce it and i didn’t achieve it.
as i understood ,you have two folders with same name ,right ? but how did you do that ? because as far as i know ,one can’t create two folders with same name .
can you describe the steps so that i can reproduce it and maybe help you.


When you have make a public link and share it everything is working fine. But when I make a second public link with different permissions, They overrule the first public link for the same folder. So in example: the first one has only download rights. But when you add a second link on the same folder with in example download/upload rights is overrule the first one.

i don’t know why you got such results . i have just tested what you described and it works without problem
and the first public link isn’t overruled by the second one .
here is a screenshot , i have just created both links with your name :wink:

the first link has just download/view rights
the second one (below) has upload/download/view rights and password
it works !