Public Path to send scans from Printer

Is there a way to setup a direct path from my printer ito my ownCloud accont into a folder?

I imagine there has t be a path to use int he address book of the printer, login and password, then the scan being uploaded directly to the owncloud account, into a folder.

Where are the instructions for this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


You can share a folder in your account via link, and setup write permissions in that share so anyone can add files there.
Another option is to use webdav for the printer to use your account and upload files there. Note that this method requires you to give your credentials to the printer, while the previous one not.

The rest depends on the capabilities of the printer. I can’t help you on this topic.

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Yes, you are right… but what I’m trying to find out is how to setup the path. What is the path to my ownCloud account for example so I could create it in the printer along with my credentials. Where do I find that information ?


maybe the ownCloud documentation on how to access files via WebDAV available here:

AFAIK, most scanner/printer support only upload to FTP- or SMB-shares, but I never saw webdav as option. Might get complicated.

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