Question about external cloud storage ( and deleted files


Just getting started with Owncloud and have a couple of questions about deleting files from an external cloud site. In this case its, but it could be others.

When I delete files from the Owncloud GUI for the external shared storage, they appear in the deleted items area. This process takes a long time if there are several GBs of data. Wondering about what is really happening. If I delete 20 GBs of files, are 20GBs of file being downloaded to my server to show in the deleted files area? Since the process doesn't provide a progress indicator it's hard to see what is actually happening.

I had to rebuild my entire setup because I ended up with locked files and directory mismatches - because I wasn't aware of the delete area process, and the time it actually takes to finish a deletion process. I was deleting things twice or three times. The server was running at high CPU, and there was almost a full TB of data being deleted, and moved around, and being copied - all at the same time. Now I do one thing at a time and let each job finish. But it takes a long time still.




Yes, thats what is happening. ownCloud would take it as a normal delete and copy the file into the ownCloud Server for possible restore. In which way are you accessing WebDAV?


Thanks hodyroff. Yes, accessing using webdav. Assuming that's the only way. Thinking about an alternative for my external cloud based storage only. I could manage the external cloud storage via the provided tools, and then scan the Owncloud storage [sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all]. In fact, I just setup a CRON job to run at midnight for this exact purpose. This way, I can avoid the lengthy time associated with the creation of a local deleted files copy of the web-based cloud files.

I have a 4TB drive as my main disk-based data repository, so the cloud-based storage is extra. I just happened to pickup 4 free 25GB accounts a few years back and it's a shame to not use them for something.