Question about OwnCloud Used as Media Server

I am looking for a Media Server to be used as a Cloud Server so a user can access files and such (with log in) to files that are limited to usage (via Login) across the internet or Intranet. Will OwnCloud work for what I want to accomplish? I am looking to use a Dell PowerEdge T110 ii as the server. Does your software for the server need another OS, (Windows 10, Windows Server, Unix, Linux) to be able to run and be maintained? I have about 36Tb of storage that will be used to play Media files and used to store other large files and shared across Internet to Private users. Also will this allow the Private users to store files on server as well? Is this a Stand Alone software package or is other software needed to maintain accounts and access along with maintaining storage?

Technically, I think so, but you’ll need to check for yourself if it fits your needs.

Check the installation section in the official ownCloud’s docs (

If you want to test the features, you can use the VM provided by univention (it probably has additional things provided by univention - or you can try to use a docker installation (
Those are probably the easiest and quickest ways to setup an ownCloud to test some features.

Anyone with an active account in you ownCloud has his own personal space. You can setup quotas to limit the space per user

A shell access is highly recommended if not required, so you can run maintenance commands. Other than that, it depends on what you want. On your case, a basic installation should be enough (no ldap connection needed, so the accounts will be stored in the DB)


You will have to be able to install and maintain a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL [MariaDB], PHP) setup.

If you go this route you will have to run a Hypervisor.

If you go this route you will have to run a Docker0

Additionally, you will need to figure out how to monitor and backup your specific solution.

Last I heard, it is absolutely required to have a supported setup. But you might be able to get around without it.

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