Recommended way to inform new users about login data




first of all thanks to the development community for providing an open source cloud software.

I've setup an OwnCloud service on my webspace (7.0.1).
Now I've got a question related to this old thread.

When I create an user, I have to set a login name, a password (which I really shouldn't know) and I have to inform the new user about the login data and the URL for the owncloud service.

So if I'm not supposed to know the user's email...what's the recommended way to do that? I guess it's not via phone call?

Let me describe how new users are set up in Redmine:

I create a user with email and login name. I can choose to leave it to the Redmine system to create a password, and the Redmine system will send an automated email to the new user who can then change the email address and the password.

In the thread linked above,

srfreeman argues that the admin should know as little as possible about the user's personal data.
But as an ownCloud admin, I have to set a password (!) for this new user (and thus I know sth much worse than the email address).

srfreeman further argues that I should not set an email address because as admin I should not know the email address. However...I need a way to inform a new user about the URL and login data, which typically I would do

Please let me know if I'm missing something, because creating users as I do it so far seems to be really a strange approach.



have a look at the little cogwheel on the bottom left of your user management page. On recent oC versions you can choose to send e-mails to users when creating their accounts.



on my version 7.0.1 I only can see the setting "default quota" with this cogwheel.

On the admin page there is a "Email Server" setting ("This is used for sending out notifications.").
But I can't see any place where I could set an user's email address.

So this is probably due to the older version which is running.


Exactly. In your case 7.0.1 is outdated (released more then two years ago) and unsupported. If your currently starting a new installation please directly install 9.1.2.