Remember me login check

Remember me option is not showing on the latest version of owncloud. Please let me know the configuration file that need to be modified. It show stay me in but it doesn’t work as expected.

The home directory for users is generated as random unique numbers. I am using LDAP, how create the home directory as user name instead of unique ids.

I think the remember me option is gone, since 10.0.

To answer your second question: You have to pick an unique attribute for your users to be identified by. If none is set by the admin, owncloud sets a unique string of numbers.

Go to the LDAP settings, User Authentications, go to the expert tab, there you have to enter in Internal Username Attribute either uid if you use LDAP or sameaccountname if you use active directory. then click on the 2 buttons on the bottom and you are good to go.

Thank you so much! for your quick response. Is that possible to add remember me back.

I have changed on it to uid on expert and it worked as expected. Thank you! if you have solution for remember me that will be great. also doesn't show the remember me button so its probably expected that it is gone.

Could you please also help me on below.

  1. After enabling the uid on the expert tab I am unable to list the users to set the storage quota.
  2. How to add email id for the users, it seem it not allowing to edit email id on my personal info.


I don't think that it is a good idea to ask different questions in one single thread. Especially as you have posted this question in "" category which has the following description: