Remote Desktop Client and mobile client do not sync with server files

Steps to reproduce

  1. change/create file or folder on the NAS device directly.

Expected behaviour

Desktop client checks for changes on server and syncs to the specified folder

Actual behaviour

Desktop client doesn’t see changes and does not sync

Server configuration

NAS Device (Drobo 5N) running OwnCloud app

We just setup the owncloud server on our office NAS device through the native apps that are available. I don’t know all of the configurations

I really just want to understand how the system works since I can’t seem to find it in the documentation.

As stated, We are running this on a NAS device.
The ports are open and I can access the software from anywhere.
At the office, we work directly in the NAS.
When away, we use the desktop client to sync files/folders.

As of right now the desktop client does not see the new/changed files that are on the server and does not update the files on the remote device.

My suspicion is that the mysql database needs to be completely synced before the desktop client can see the new files. is this correct?
When I log into the mysql database the filecache is still growing (we have around 3 million files)


NAS existing files:
file3 (recently added directly to NAS)

OC (web and client) currently sees:

Since the client doesn’t see the changes in the server it does not change anything.

On the other hand, if I change/add a file with my remote device using the client, The server is correctly updated.

If I need to clarify anything let me know.


Hey, from what i know this is behavior expected as you’re modifying files “behind ownCloud back” and this is nothing you should to as the related database entries / metadata about your files is missing.

In the past i found the following thread below which seems to give some background information and alternatives. There seems to be already pointing around 30 threads to that FAQ so it looks to me that you’re not the first one asking this. :confused:

Thanks for the info.

I’ve added the WebDav server to my office computer and it is EXTREMELY slow.
Is there any indication that this gets faster as the MySQL database finishes?
As it is, Its fairly unworkable.

I see that another answer is to run ./occ files:scan, I’m trying to look it up in the Drobo documentation to see if I can setup a daily script to run the command. This might be a better option as we work mostly at the office and need the speed, but the boss works from home night/mornings.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


before putting this into production i would also check the ownCloud version this NAS is providing. In the past i had read a lot that such NAS systems are mostly providing outdated versions long end of life.

Yea, the owncloud version is outdated, I’ve sent a request for info there.

Back to a previous question:

I’ve added the WebDav server to my office computer and it is EXTREMELY slow.
Is there any indication that this gets faster as the MySQL database finishes?


this question was the main reason for my question about the used version on the NAS :slightly_smiling_face:. From what i know there have been quite a lot improvements about speed / performance which you only get when running the recent and currently supported version 10.0.8.