Repo certs expired 8/23/2023

I went to update Owncloud this morning (have 10.1) and found that the “ownCloud build service” certificate for the Ubuntu 18.04 repo expired 2023-08-23 (ID=479BC94B).

Steps to reproduce:

apt-key list | grep expired
pub rsa2048 2013-08-26 [SC] [expired: 2023-08-23]
uid [ expired] ownCloud build service obsrun@localhost

Hoping this can be updated so I can continue updating Owncloud.

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i think you could open an issue over at Issues · owncloud/core · GitHub to make the ownCloud people aware of this. I think the community can’t help with this and i’m not sure if this posting will get noticed by the ownCloud people :slightly_frowning_face:

Addition: What i know is that an expired certificate is not getting automatically renewed and you would need to “grab” a fresh key (if that got already renewed) by using the instructions from:

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Thanks. I just followed the link you sent with directions.

The commands all worked without error (so that cert appears to be OK), but it didn’t detect that an upgrade is needed. I have owncloud-files 10.1.0-1+1.1, but the repo on opensuse only has owncloud-complete-files.



great that it was possible to re-import the new certificates which solved the initial problem.

I think for the second question about owncloud-files vs. owncloud-complete-files a new thread would be recommended because i don’t think different unrelated topics should be handled the same thread.

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