Repopulate files missing from storage but in the DB


I have an issue where I have some files and folders missing on the owncloud storage system (local), where they are in the database. I know why this happened (storage migration).

I would like to remove these file entries from the database so that they are resynced from a Windows server where there is a copy of the files.

If I use the occ file:scan option, they are removed from the owncloud database but then when the sync app on the server starts they are removed from there as well.

Any ideas on how best to proceed.


this is the expected behavior. There is currently no chance that the client can know that the files shouldn't be deleted as the metadata is missing and its reported as deleted to the client.

To workaround this make a backup of the deleted files on client-side, let the client delete the file and afterwards upload it via the client again.


If I was to touch the modified date on the windows server to a date later than the file date in the DB would that force a client side sync?


A state of a file is only saved on the sync journal of the client or the metadata on the server. oC doesn't really care about the modification date on e.g. the filesystem.