Requested uri is out of base uri (/remote.php/dav/))


Expected behaviour

Ability to upload more than 10M files

Actual behaviour

using the desktop. when putting a file in owncloud it is only able to sycnc files less than 10M
if uploading using webinterface, it does not make any issue and uploads succefully.
please note our owncloud is installed on sub domain.
all phpini paramters are set accept uploading + 100M so this is not the issue

Steps to reproduce

  1. put a file larger than 10M inside owncloud folder on your computer
  2. let owncloud sync.
  3. you will get error:

Server configuration

Operating system: Windows

Web server: Centos - Cpanel

Database: Mariadb

PHP version: php56

ownCloud version: 10.0.10

Storage backend (external storage): on server

Client configuration

Client version: 2.5.1

Operating system: windows 10

Installation path of client: C:/

  1. Client logfile: D:\cloud,Error transferring - server replied: (Requested uri (//remote.php/dav/files/SHARED/ is out of base uri (/remote.php/dav/))

  2. Web server error log: unkown

  3. Server logfile: ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log): “user”:“XXXXX”,“app”:“webdav”,“method”:“MOVE”,“url”:"/remote.php/dav/uploads/XXXXX/1604753485/.file",“message”:"Exception: HTTP/1.1 403 Requested uri (//remote.php/dav/files/XXXXX/HARED/ is out of base uri (/remote.php/dav/):


Looks like a known bug in the 2.5.1 Win client. If you enter the server url with trailing “/”, it’s handled as “//” which causes an error. As a workaround you could edit the client config file and remove the trailing “/” from the server url. The 2.5.2 update will also fix this. The release is planned for early this week.


Hi Michael

Yes that fixed the issue. thanks alot