RESOLVED: Incorrect User Account Disk Quota


I am running ownCloud ver 9.1.4 (stable) on a Debian Jessie dedicated server, and I have noticed earlier today that there is a problem with user allocated disk quota:

1) if i set the quota to anything under 16.4GB, the quota and usage show correct information. So for 5GB quota it shows, for example, 650MB out of 5GB, which is the expected behaviour.
2) if i set the quota to more than 16.4GB, the quota indicated on the Personal page and in the sync app shows 16.4GB only. No matter what the quota is, as soon as it's set to more than 16.4GB, the quota info is just wrong.
3) i checked the database, it does show the correct quota for that user (i only have one user on that server for now in order to do some tests)
4) the server itself has 1.7TB of free disk space, which is used to store oC's user data

The above problem preventsme from using my full disk quota (25GB in my case) regardless of how I sync the data over to the server (web upload doesn't work either).

I've searched all over the internet but couldn't find any clues. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Please delete this topic if possible. Found the answer to my problem, and feel like an idiot. There may be 1.7TB of space on the server but for some reason the data folder got mapped onto a /root partition with only 20 gig of space... Cheers.