Restore accounts and data

So. I have a little problem with upgrading. For some reason still running 7.0… And cannot upgrade because of “some” major versions between that and 10.1. And cannot upgrade manually first major versions since there is no php7.2 support… So… only options seems to be delete and fresh install. And that is ok, but is there a way to restore user accounts and passwords after that? Data can be restored by simply copying it back, but how about those accounts?

In similar environments I upgrade the old system to 8.2.11, migrate it to the new server and then perform the upgrade to a recent 10 version.

Does this work for you?

I tried to upgrade to old versions first, but later versions said upgrading over major versions not supported and earlier versions said no php7 support so I wasn’t able to do manual upgrades.
Anyways, I did it by simply creating all user accounts again and sending email about password change and copied data back. It was quite easy solution since there was only twenty some users.

In the upgrade documentation at you will read, that you first have to upgrade your current version to the highest available and then to the next major release. Once you have reached version 8.2.11 you can migrate the setup to the new server and have it upgraded to 10.1.1

In your case the upgrade path would be

7.0.x -> 7.0.15 -> 8.0.16 -> 8.1.12 -> 8.2.11 -> migrate -> 10.1.1

Older ownCloud versions are found at

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