Restore HD after crash

Running the latest versions of Opsware, both on my Netgear, desktop and Laptop I am astonished that there seem to be no procedure to restore a complete partition on a hard disk.
I am running 64 bits systems and have a 1 Gb connection between Owncloud server and client.
The standard procedure crashes after downloading less than 5 Gb to a Zip file and is extremely slow, I want to restore about 150 and 60 GB in two different partitions.
As a retired IT infrastructure manager I must say this is a great miss, why synchronizing files to my Netgear cloud, when there is no way to restore this.
I found the initial files on the netgear and was able to restore these files but I didn’t find a way to restore the changes on these files after the first copy to the owncloud.
In fact this is having a tool and investment which cost a lot of money and is worthless because restore is not possible.
Who has a solution for this problem

Is this a backup solution? Over webdav?

Do you get any errors, did you enable logging?