Restore Owncloud after data loss


I lost the data in the data folder of owncloud (corrupt hard drive) but not the database (on another drive). Is there a way to keep the existing database and recreate the data folder without starting with a fresh install ? I still have all the data that was on the server on my personnal computer.


I too want to restore data after a hard disk failure while keeping my database. I have followed the steps in the link below to try and move the data directory, but the browser still tells me that my data directory is invalid.


I am running OC 10


i did the following search:

and found the following FAQ below which could contain some information on your issue:

Thanks, turns out it was a permissions issue. Running sudo -u www-data ls -la /path/to/folder made that clear.

Although weirdly it was because the apache user didn’t have access to the parent folder (/path/to), it already had access to the owncloud folder (/path/to/folder). Maybe this will help someone.

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