RoundCube for ownCloud 10

Hi all,
RoundCube app for integrating the webmail with auto-login has been updated to be used with ownCloud 10.
There was an older outdated app which is the starting point of this release but with some rewritten parts. Other parts were adapted and some small features gone. This is to focus on the main function which is auto-login.

For more information you can visit:

It’s not on the market, so you can try it out by cloning the repo.

Please report any issue to github repo.

Hope you find it useful!


Consider to upload the app to the marketplace so people can install the app easily. They’ll also get update notifications when you upload a newer version to the marketplace.

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well look what @LeonardoRM said above ^^

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This app seems no longer working and the maintainer doesn’t support it on it’s github page.

OwnCloud, what do you think to finally release an OFFICIAL app to integrate roundcube into ownCloud or even better a complete email client solution?