Run Remote Ubuntu program

I have created a script on an Ubuntu box that I want to make accessible to my team members from any location using owncloud. I have the cloud setup and working fine. Just need some direction on how to link to my bash script on the Ubuntu box and run it. Using owncloud 10.0.


You need to upload the script first in your ownCloud via webUI or the Sync client.

You can either create users for each of your team members in ownCloud and share that script to the users

Or you can share it via public link and copy paste the link to your team members

Thanks for the suggestion however I just need to clarify your points. The script is very large and pulls data from multiple files. I’d rather not give any user access to the source code, just perhaps a link or icon to run the program. I’ve seen a few posts where you can use putty to remotely run a bash script. How would I share it using the public link as you have suggested?

Again, thanks very much for your advice.

I don’t think ownCloud can provide you with the function you need.

What you can do is share a file via public link to someone. He then has to click on that link and gets redirected to your ownCloud and can download only that file.

further information about public links can be gathered from our documentation on that topic.

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Ok, thanks for your additional comments. I’ll certainly try the shared links option.