S3 primary storage issues

Using owncloud community 10.8 on CentOS Linux.

Docs are a little sparse on this plugin.

1.) Does the community version allow for use S3 as Primary plugin? I want to test the performance out before purchasing.

2.) How do you specify a 3rd party, non-amazon hostname? I tried this which didn’t work:

     'region'  => 'us-east-1',
      'hostname' => 's3.us-east-1.wasabisys.com',

3.) The docs say you need to enable the plugin prior to setting up the first user, how do you accomplish that ahead of time because you have to create a user first then enable the plugin.

Yes, to check which apps are Enterprise only I like to check the following link:

Have a look at the documentation:

Here it states:

'endpoint' => 'http://ceph:80/',

I recently tested wasabi storage, I remember it being quite straight forward. So straight forward that I didn’t create a specific documentation for it.

Apply this configuration before the first login of any user – including the admin user; otherwise, ownCloud can no longer find the user’s files.

You can manually install an app by putting it in (one of) your apps directory(ies), make sure to set the correct permissions for it as well. Only run the occ maintenance:install [...] command after putting the configuration for S3 primary object storage in place.
Shared hosting, where you wouldn’t be able to run occ commands, is officially not supported, however I think if the configuration is set in place correctly, it could still work.

You can always start a 30 day trial, otherwise I’d recommend to get in touch with sales@owncloud.com

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