Searching fequently for changes through complete folder-structure

Hi there,

I am using Owncloud Client Version 2.5.4 for syncing files on Win 7 Pro 64 bit.
(server is owncloud 10.0.4)

It worked all fine over a year or so, but now the client starts frequently searching for changes in the complete folder-structure on local hdd that is synced.
Thats really annoying, because there are over 50.000 files checked for changes although there are no changes.
This searching for changes first starts after booting the PC, and then repeats every (I guess) 30 to 60 Minutes or so and the HDD is turned on from standby for that.

In the past the search for changes took only some seconds (if there were noch changes), now it takes several minutes (same amount of files/data), cause all data are scanned now.

Is that behaviour normal for the client version 2.5.4 or what could be the reason for the problem?



i don’t think that it is related but this looks to me like a heavily outdated version of ownCloud which should be updated to a more recent version ASAP: