Secure Document Server

Hi Guys, wondering if anyone can help me, I have just installed OwnCloud on our linux server, everything works very nicely.

My plan for this is for me to upload files when they are created from my invoicing server (Windows) to a specific clients owncloud user. Basically, my invoicing system will create an invoice on the WIN server machine, once this is created I would like to automatically send this to a specific user on my owncloud server. Its so that their can view their invoicing. Both server will be on the same LAN.

Any ideas how I can go about this?


well you can use the webdav protocol for that, just use basic cURL. I suppose you’d have to create a share from your uploader account for each users having invoices. Well it’s up to you to find the best “architecture” for this part :wink:



If I can figure out how to do it for one clients data, problem solved, its just figuring out that first step :slight_smile:

Do you have any links to what you are suggesting?

I’ll have a play when I have time to


you’re welcome, well just check the second link I gave you in my previous answer, you simply have to do a PUT request and you’re all done :wink:
And about creating the shares you can have a look around.

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