Server sync to itself as client?

I’ve had owncloud server installed for a while, it works great and I love it. I’m moving more data over to it all the time. The working set is about 30GB and about 100MB changes a day. I have the data file on zfs storage that is striped and mirrored. I’ve been thinking about moving the data to either a ramdisk or a sas SSD for performance, neither of which would be mirrored. Though the raidz2 is fast, it’s not as fast as my 10GE network nor as fast as my root SAS SSD. I would add two more 100GB SAS SSDs but I don’t have the slots on the server.

So I was thinking of moving the data to an SSD and then if the server could also act like a client, I would sync it back to where it is now on the raidz2 pool.

Is it possible to setup a system like this, where the main owncloud data is synced just like it does with remote clients to another disk on the server? I don’t want to run something like rsync hourly, etc. I’d like it to be automatic per file transaction like it is now.



I see there is something called owncloudclientcmd. Can I install that on the owncloud server and use it to sync to another directory on the same server?

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