Share Agent Client Windows

Good afternoon, I have installed an agent in a micro windows 10 pro, in this I can not share files directly from the machine only accessing via browser, in other machines windows 10 works correctly, can anyone help me?


can you explain what a micro windows 10 pro is? And what agent did you install there?

Windows 10 pro -> Sistema Operacional
Owncloud Desktop Client

what is the difference between windows 10 and windows 10 micro?

Windows 10 pro is the operating system and the owncloud desktop client is the program installerp client is program install

Attached image of how to stay, but on some computers does not appear this option.

Hi Fernando,

Could you first tell us your ownCloud version and the sync-clients versions?

I suppose you are installing in the "micro" Windows 10 the client without all the dependencies, that's why the extra client properties are not available.

If it's complicated you to write in English, you can write in Portuguese, I can understand it (but not write it).

Bom dia, a versão do Owncloud Servidor é 7.0 a versão do agente instalado nos microcomputadores são 2.4.0.