Share directory through a proprietary website

I currently have a company in the field of professional services. We carry out several complex studies for our clients and we are working to ensure that our clients can log in to our website and can only access the directories to which we have given permission.

That way we will achieve better control of the processes carried out with them.
One option would be the login to display the directory to which they have access embedded in the same website on another page of the website.

Could you help me with ideas to do this? Owncloud offers this possibility?


Hi Federico,
After reading your question several times, I am still unable to gather what you mean.
Do you want to display the ownCloud web frontend in an iframe? Do you want to use an IdP?

In ownCloud you can create user accounts that only have access to certain directories. It is also possible to create public shares that users without accounts can access, all they would need is the link. But it is also possible to only give certain users the ability to create such public shares. The possibilities are almost endless.

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