Shared folder that's not tied to one user




Thanks in advance for any help!

I wondered if it was possible to have a folder that is shared with a specific group on owncloud, but the folder is not owned by any one particular user - for instance, when you setup Dropbox for Teams, you get a “{CompanyName} Team Folder” that everyone can access but it is not tied to one specific user. Is this doable with owncloud?





I’m not clear on why the share has to NOT be owned? If you wanted to make a folder that anyone can access that is not tied to an account setup external storage to google drive or S3. Those shares can be assigned for specific groups only or everyone and all can see or use the folder.

If you are using local storage on your server then shares need to be created by some user. It can be an admin user. Maybe create a generic admin user for doin this so it is not assigned to a real user that may leave at some point.

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Like @mbrando points out, a functional user is likely the best choice in your situation. Today storage must be owned by somebody, or it is external storage which can flexibly be mounted into ownCloud. You can even do a user by department and therewith have folders for each department …


Excellent - thank you both so much for your speedy responses!

The reason I was looking to do it was because I didn’t want it tied to one user incase they left - I didn’t realise you could do that with external storage so I might try that option!

Thanks again! :smiley:


You’re welcome.

The idea of an admin account that owns all of the base shares would be best in your scenario or the external storage.

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