Shared folder to all new users

We had install OwnCloud on our server.
We would like to create a shared folder, managed by few peoples, but visible to any one, including new users.
Could anyone point me the directions for this configuration?

As far as I know there is no other way than to re-share when sharing with groups and members of the group change.

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I though create kind of two groups at OwnCloud: administrators and simple-users.

Share the folder with different permissions to each of them and maybe use some script to add new LDAP users mine to simple-users.

  1. You could mount a share as the admin. Give access to both groups, administrators and simple users. The permissions to write or only read you can manage via LDAP Permissions.

  2. You could mount a share as the admin, Give permission to access it only to the admin group, then share this whole share or just a sub folder to the new users and set permissions directly in ownCloud via sharing dialog.