Sharepoint integration issue

Hi everyone,

I download the VirtualBox Image from Owncloud and launch a 30 days free trial for the enterprise version.

Before buying it, i want to ensure that i can connect Sharepoint with owncloud but i can’t.

I tried directly from the local sharepoint and i was not able to load the “Document Library” with the following and simple message :

An error occurred. Check credentials or server address.

Before creating a topic, i’ve made a lot of tests like :

  1. Tried with IP of my sharepoint
  2. With the domain name
  3. In HTTP
  5. With an admin account
  6. With a user account

But Nothing.

Then i tried to access to the Sharepoint Online version and no more success.

What do i have miss?

Sorry for my english which is far from being perfect. Hope you understand my issues.

Best regards

I’m sorry for the late reply. I personally haven’t integrated Sharepoint with ownCloud ever, but I would like to try to highlight somebody who might have done it before:

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Hello Softhys,
We currently only support Sharepoint 2013. It seems you are trying to connect to a newer version and yes, the API has changed and therefor this will change. Sharepoint Online is exactly that, the newer version. When we have enough demand from customers, we will work on a newer Sharepoint connection again.