Shares broken after 8 to 9 to 10 Upgrade

Hi Guys

Really have to tip my hat to the whole community and the devs. I really have awesome respect for the product.

Apologies in advance for not first completing the necessary detail first.

I had ownCloud 8.1.9* running on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine with PHP 5.5.* , Apache and MySQL. The world was awesome! Don't touch it if it's not broken...

Well it was time to update / upgrade, so figured I'd start with Ubuntu itself ... FBomb! Well, clearly I did backup before hand so reinstalled and upgraded OC first manually as the files are no longer available and then with the updater. But between version 8.2.11 and 9, I lost my shares.

I did a rescan which took about 8 hours (530GB) which didn't resolve the issue. I only have local storage. I checked in my oc_share table and there were some weird shares which I wasn't expecting (perhaps circlular referencing?), so I removed those rows. Everything in the oc_share table is basically a one to many relationship. One user sharing a bunch of folders with everyone else.

I haven't connected any of the clients yet because I'm hoping to resolve the missing shares first. From the web interface, all the folders and files are there for the main user. However, there's no "Share" info attached to the folder or files with in. From the various users profiles, there no shares there either. I've checked the "Shared with you","Shared with others" and "Shared by link" - all empty.

I'm now running on Ubuntu 16.04 with PHP7 and OC 10.0.07. Everything is working the way I'd expect except the shares still aren't available. I continued upgrading hope the issue would be resolved in later versions.

Something I did notice after creating a new share is the item_target in the oc_share table is now NULL where the previous had a "/ + 6 digits" eg "/820663" entry.

I'm not using external shares.
My oc_share_external table is empty.
The file_targets are correct.
My /var/www/owncloud/data folder is in the correct place and www-data permissions.
'datadirectory' => '/var/www/owncloud/data', in config.php is correct.

I thought perhaps it may be the index.php mod_rewrite, but nothing changed.

I read through a bunch of threads but none seem to resolve my challenge. This definitely occurred during the upgrade between 8 and 9.

Please let me know what further info I can provide.

Thanks in advance.

From what i know you could directly upgrade from 8.2.11 to 10.0.7 without going the way over the 9.0 and 9.1 versions (i think i have read that somewhere in the release notes of ownCloud 10).

Maybe it worth a try to roll back to your backup of 8.2.11 and then try to do the jump to 10.0.7?

Thanks Tom42

I read it that it could only be done from 9 going forward. I'd prefer not going all the way back if possible though.

Just found it now in

It is now possible to directly upgrade from 8.2.11 to 10.0.3 in a single upgrade process.

which sounds to me the way to go.

I think the alternative would be to find some one with the knowledge about the database structure and internals of ownCloud and by fixing it manually in the database which is probably something not that easy. :confused:

Is there a way to check what version of OC was running at the time of my *original MYSQLDUMP?

I know there's version.php and config.php, but anything I can check in the old backup.bak's I have?

Hello @ocdodge !

I had the same issue, and I found a solution. Just after the upgrade, you have to update the column uid_initiator in the oc_share table to set it to ‘admin’ for all rows. Like this on your database : update oc_share set uid_initiator = 'admin';

This solve my problem :slightly_smiling_face:. I hope it will help you too

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