Signature data not found

I am developed a simple app and i run integrity:check-core. It shown a “Signature data not found”. How i can create signature data ?

You should read (and follow) the advice in:

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Then, I tried “./occ integrity:sign-app --privateKey=/Users/lukasreschke/contacts.key --certificate=/Users/lukasreschke/CA/contacts.crt --path=/Users/lukasreschke/Programming/contacts``”
and it shown “private key contacts.key does not exists”

Just copy/paste from another project cannot do the job. Please see my previous post above.

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mnalam@ubuntu:/var/www/html/owncloud$ sudo -u www-data ./occ integrity:sign-app --privateKey=/home/mnalam/contacts.key --certificate=/etc/ssl/certs/apache-selfsigned.crt --path=/home/mnalam/note``
Private key “/home/mnalam/contacts.key” does not exists.

I doubt that you can sign another contacts app besides the official one.

Anyway, you didn’t read the docs I pointed you to. I give up here. :unamused:

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