Size of the folder is pending

Expected behaviour
Show folder size

Actual behaviour
Size of the folder is pending

Special configuration (external storage, external authentication, reverse proxy, server-side-encryption):

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No errors have been found.

In my owncloud 9.1.0, External Storage whith SMB to windows server, the size is pending.
How to resolve this problem?
If I open the folders the value is updated.


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make sure that you have installed the libsmbclient-php as described here:

Furthermore you might need to run the following command regularely:


However you should note the following when using "Log-in credentials, save in session":

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Thanks for your response, but my problem not solved. =(

Another problem is, the folders are SMB / CIFS, when does the check disappear folders in my owncloud, but the folders exist...

Is this a new problem in this version of OC (if you updated from a previous version)?

I installed new server for Appliance in the owncloud website.
Is a bug of the version 9?


No it's just if it were working in ownCloud 9.0, they would have broken something in 9.1. But without comparison, it could be a problem of ownCloud, of your network, of your SMB-storage, ...

I have install e new virtual machine witch owncloud 9.0 and the problem not solved. =(

The subfolders desapear when cron.php run .
I have a windows server 2012 r2 witch virtual machine to run owncloud. The folders to owncloud is my share in my server.

After install owncloud i run this commands to smb authentication works:

apt-get install smbclient
apt-get install libsmbclient-dev
git clone git://
cd libsmbclient-php ; phpize
sudo make install
make install INSTALL_ROOT=/tmp/smbc
vi /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini Add to the file -> extension=""
service apache2 restart

Am I doing something wrong?


If you are still installing and not using it in production, you could try the 9.1.1-release candidate:

they fixed a few things on SMB external storage, especially:

Added conditional trace logging for debugging SMB on productive systems - core/#25758

If the problem then still exists, please open a bug report on

Same problem with v10.0.2.1. Since upgrade from v9.1.6 I was wondering why desktop client showed "0 KB is used" in account tab.

Running occ files:scan made some improvement; now "only" two subfolders aren´t calculated - state "pending". Running occ files:scan for affected user account or even using "--path=/username/files/affected/path" option didn´t fix it.

In MySQL db "select COUNT(fileid) from oc_filecache where size like "-1"" gives 290 entries; most of them exactly in those two affected subfolders.

==> What to do or try next?

No one? Really NO idea? :frowning:


I did. But no response...

Give them some time, it was just 20h ago, or buy an enterprise subscription.