Skipped a major release in upgrade. Too late?



I am way in over my head here. Hopefully someone with patience can guide me to safety:

Steps to reproduce
1. I was on an early 8.x release on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server.
2. Bad decision, I didn't backup before I started clicking stuff.
3. I started following what I interpreted to be the correct steps to upgrade but seemed to have missed the "don't skip major releases" part of the guide. =(
4. I did not yet run the occ upgrade process.

1. Am I able to fish out a log file that will reveal my previous version before the upgrade? The only clue I have was that the web notification was telling me to get to 8.2.x.

  1. Am I able to roll back? If so, assuming I know what build to roll back to....where can I find that build?

  2. Currently, the system is locked up (as you can image) following the upgrade to 9.1.x...again though, I did not run the OCC app nor did I upgrade the db from the browser.

Server configuration
Operating system: Ubuntu 14.04 Server
Web server: Apache
Database: Can't recall :frowning:


The message isn't as bad because it didn't carry out any update on the database and data itself. So you can still do a backup:

  • save data/ and config/-folder
  • save database (see in the config/config.php which type of database and the associated credentials, for sqlite it's just a file in the data/-folder)

Here is a guide on what to do:

The current version you have installed should be shown in config/config.php. And the version you accidentally tried to upgrade is in the file version.php.


Starting to dig into this. Thanks so much for the guidance.

Is there a definitive guide out there that shows the "major versions" I am supposed to upgrade through?



have a look at the linked FAQ above which shows an example: