Softaculous + 9.1.2: No "+" button


Just installed 9.1.2 (stable) using Softaculous and my hosting provider in where I have enough disk space. Everything including the initial web login was smooth despite the documented warnings (cache and WebDav).

However, I do not see the "+" button for Files both for Admin and user accounts, but do see it for Gallery/Photos.

Do I need to re-install oC?
What are the typical settings for the new user to allow file sharing and immediately see the "+" button?
Please advise.

No idea, normally it show up. Perhaps when the folder is not writable? Add-Blocker? Do you see the button on

Yes, I do see - as expected.


Well, what if I do not need WebDAV?

ownCloud file operations use WebDAV (ownCloud creates its own implementation), so you will even need it if you don't connect directly via webDAV.