[SOLVED] Copy data in owncloud/data folder but it does not show on page

Am using OwnCloud version 10
Ubuntu 20.04

All working fine

I copied data into the user folder inside owncloud/data/some_user

But when I login as some_user, inside the page I don’t see the moved data

Do I have to run some synchronisation via command line if I manually move data files on server ?

You shouldn’t do that in general. Use the web frontend or any WebDAV-aware client for uploading files.

For any maintenance tasks you can use ./occ files:scan --all


I hope you meant owncloud/data/some_user/files. :wink:


@alfredb actually these were backup files as I migrated the system to latest version. So it was easier to just use mv command and move it into the data folder.

Thanks for the solution once again


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